Wednesday, August 08, 2007

32 things to do before I turn 33

Oh my! What a challenge! Elsie posted
a challenge to list all the things you want
to do before your next birthday! the kick
is you have to do the # of things that
corresponds to your age. for example,
i'm 32- about to turn i have to do
32 things! so, let me start thinking.....

my b-day is only a couple of months away...
so i really better get started on these! ;)

1. lose 20 pounds.
2. submit to at least FIVE scrapbook calls.
3. learn the lyrics to all the songs from the movie HAIRSPRAY.
4. go on a date with my daughter, angelica.
5. go on a date with my son, jesus.
6. go on a date with my daughter, daniela.
7. go on a date with my husband.
8. stay off the computer for ONE whole day- find something else to do.
9. walk (for exercise) 3 times a week.
10. call someone instead of sending them an email.
11. purge my house from all junk!
12. smile when someone annoys me.
13. go to michigan for the scrap-a-latte DT retreat.
14. practice & master a new photography technique.
15. learn at least FIVE new scrapping/cardmaking techniques.
16. pray more.
17. go to bed earlier.
18. wake up earlier.
19. stop living so carefree-get on a schedule.
20. find a way to help someone.
21. clean out our closets & donate the clothes to the salvation army.
22. help my daughter angelica make a scrapbook.
23. write out a budget/plan for angelica's quinceanera & start working on it!
24. remember to call friends/family on their birthdays!
25. be a better housekeeper- stay caught up on laundry & cleaning.
26. limit my computer time to certain hours of the day, so i can concentrate on my family.
27. read at least ONE book.
28. make a point to tell each of my kids something they did GOOD each day!!
29. compliment people more often.
30. set a scrap budget & stick to it.
31. buy something not scrap-related.
32. remember to take my meds everyday.

wow! that actually wasn't as hard as I thought.
some of these will be a challenge & others I just
need to DO! so....i'm ready to go! :)
thanx for the challenge, elsie!!


AliciainAsheville said...

Wow! These are some awesome things to do! Good lick and I hope you accomplish them!