Tuesday, August 21, 2007

just some thoughts about....

life, friendship, love, sadness,
loneliness....all the things i'm feeling

why can't i just be happy with all the
stuff i have & my family & my online
friends...why can't that be enough?

today, i'm learning that letting go of
the past is much harder & much more
painful than i ever imagined it would be.

you know, the irony is that 7 has always
been my fave number for as long as i can
remember. the number of completion.
so maybe it's perfect that i made friends
over the past 7 years that i now have
to let go.....it sucks, though. it hurts to be

oh, i know. i'm not really alone. i've got jesse
& the kids....and of course, i have my online pals
who i'm eternally grateful for. so why is it so
hard to put the past behind me & appreciate
what i have...not what used to be?


Carla said...

Honey you have more friends than you will ever know that love you and like you for who you are! The rest...well who cares :)

Sarah M said...

thanx, carla!! i know you are one of my BEST friends ever & you treat me better than my own family!! I love having you in my life!! :)

AliciainAsheville said...

The past really is hardd to let go! It takes time but you will eventually get there1 Trust me I know! You know youcan count on any of us!!!! We love ya!!