Monday, November 26, 2007

another manic monday?

okay...not even close!! today was a pretty
laid back day for me. i came home from
work early becuz i've been sick. then i slept
all afternoon. now THAT's a good monday! ;)

my new boss called me today to finalize some
paperwork. i can't wait to start....only 1 week
from today! :)

i had to get groceries tonite & we bought
all the stuff to make homemade tamales
with this week!!! woohoo!! it's always such
a pain, but so worth it in the end! i hope to
start the roasts on wednesday & then start
making the tamales on thursday. i'm sure
i won't finish until the thursday
thru saturday are pretty much tamale making


AliciaSharp said...

Hope you feel better soon! Tomorrow is your last day chick!!