Saturday, November 10, 2007

midnight chatter

so, it's after midnite, and i'm debating
on whether to watch one more show on
the dvr or go to bed. hmmmm....

spent the morning (friday) attending a
veteran's day assembly at lica's jr. high.
it was a very moving ceremony, with the
highlight being a plaque the students
presented to a local hero....a marine, who
was hit with an IED in iraq last october 23.
he is back home now, but still recovering
from burns on 56% of his body & all the surgeries
& intensive therapy to get him to where
he is today. the band of course provided my
fave music! ;) and i sat close to the back near
lica to see her play up close & personal. :)

then, i checked her out of school & ran some
errands with the two girls while little man was
still in school. it was a good day. (even though
daniela was a terror at a couple of places, i survived....
well, more importantly SHE survived)

so, hug a veteran today & remember all those
who are serving at home & abroad to keep us
safe!! for me, i'll be hugging both a veteran & a
cop tonite! ;)


Scrappy079 said...

I am so moved whenever I see that a Veteran is being celebrated for what he/she has done, and what they have lost. Thank you so much for sharing the celebration and please...Thank your Veteran for me. He has made the world a better place by what he does. Thank you!