Thursday, November 08, 2007

where has the time gone??

so, it has been forever & a week since
i've blogged! shame on me...but it's really
not my fault. one of my friends was joking
about finding my face on a milk carton soon,
becuz i've been mia for so long. well, my reply
is that my former LIFE is going to wind up on
the milk carton & i want it BACK!!!

i tell you what...losing your job of 7 years SUCKS!
i don't know how many times i'm going to have
to "start over", but i wish i could find something
permanent & kind on my body SOON!! now, i suppose
there are worse least i'm not selling my
girl stuff to the highest (or in some cases, the ONLY)
bidder! ;) but i wish things would change.

besides killing my foot & knees & being exhausted &
depressed all the time, i miss the fun times
with my family & online pals! i keep applying
for office jobs, but no one wants to hire someone
who's been fired. it really sucks, becuz if they would
give me a chance, i would prove to be a valuable

anyway, it sounds like this blog post is all about
whining. so, i'm outta here. chat later. ;)


Carla said...

We miss you Sarah!

Scrappy079 said...

Love the update! Don't end up on a milk carton!