Friday, January 11, 2008

6.8 less

so, today was my FIRST weigh-in
after we have gone back on WW.
drumroll please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i lost 6.8 pounds!!! WOOOHOO!!! :0)

every week we're sort of "competing"
with each other the way they do on
biggest loser. we see who lost the
highest percentage of pounds & dub
them the "biggest loser" of the house!
it's fun & we'll probably start having
a small prize involved, too.

it's sooooo much easier when you make
changes like this with your entire family.
cuz i am competitive by nature & want
to BEAT them at losing!! and i don't even
buy stuff that is too tempting for me to
eat more than a normal serving of. *blush*
which happens to be a lot of junk food
that we don't need to eat at all anyway.

i think it's important to celebrate small
victories, today i'm most proud
of being able to drink MORE water than
i needed to. =)

are you on a weightloss journey??? or maybe
another type of journey that involves
change??? share it with me!! i'd love to hear
about it & then i can support you, too!! :)


Shannon said...

Congrats! That is awesome!!