Sunday, February 24, 2008

and the oscar goes to.........

WHEW!! good day of fun!! i went to
see Vantage Point in the theatre with
jesse & then home to watch the red
carpet show on E & then the red
carpet show on abc...& then the
academy awards themselves. So much
fun!! :)

so, the big hit of the night....No Country
for Old Men. that movie raked them in!
well, compared to the other won
i think 4, if my tallying was correct...the
biggest of course being the most coveted
award of picture.

i try to watch all the nominated films in
the best picture category & this year i
am WAYYYYY behind. but i will watch them! :)

okay, so rewind now, becuz i really need
to pay a little homage to the film i saw
today...vantage point. it ROCKS! love the
"rewind" to show yet another perspective
of the same event. twists & turns & overall
it was a GREAT movie!

okay, that's all folks...gotta get some sleep now.