Sunday, February 24, 2008


ok. so am i really alone? i just
L-O-V-E me some OSCARS!! :)
the whole red carpet, who's
wearing what, who's with who,
who wins what, who says that....
oh, i just love it all! :)

well, my room is completed...sort of.
paint- check. flooring- check. all my
stuff moved in-check. everything in
its place?- errrr.....nope. not even close.
i really need to take a pic of how horrific
it really is....i have way too much crap &
it is all stacked on everything in my
room! the best part? i don't have the
energy to dive into any of it right now...
so it will wait. yeah, so i really am going to
take some pics of the mess...maybe that
will inspire me to fix it. ;)