Tuesday, March 04, 2008

settling in

so, jimmy is coming over friday
night to meet us...all of us,
except jesse. jesse will be in

i told daniela that lica's
boyfriend is coming over on
friday & she said she doesn't
want him to come. she said
she'll hide in my room & i can
come get her when he's gone.

little man is okay with it. he
just thinks it's all kind-of

so we shall see how it all plays
out. as for me, i'm trying not
to make a bigger deal out of
it all than is necessary. it's
not like she's going to get
married tomorrow...so i'm just
trying to go with the flow, keep
the communication open, and show
her that i'm supporting her.


Carla said...

See how the dogs react to him, they have great instincts!