Friday, May 30, 2008

not a bad day

today started off pretty rocky.
i've been experiencing numbness
in my left arm & left side of my face.
this morning was particulary bad. but,
by this afternoon, i actually had a pain
free period that lasted about 30 minutes!
wow! i forgot what that feels like!! i was
ecstatic! :) although it was short lived,
the numbness hasn't been as pronounced
this evening and my head hasn't been
hurting as severely. so, all in all, it hasn't
been a bad day at all. in fact, one of the
best i've had in a loooooong time.

so, i decided to take advantage of this &
i scrapped some DT projects for
Scrap-a-Latte. i was afraid i wouldn't
feel this good again for a while, so juuuust
in case....i got them finished. it was quite
nice. last time i tried to scrap, i barely
made it through one layout and had to
go lay down. tonight, i was able to complete
3 and although i'm feeling pretty exhausted,
i'm not completely spent.

i'll post them when i get them scanned in
and uploaded.


Sarah E. said...

YAY! I am so glad you were able to have a break from the pain! :) I can't wait to see your LO's!

Carla said...

Sarah I know they will be able to give you some relief, I am praying that it is soon. I love the layouts, they are all in the store as product examples. I really miss seeing your work!

Summer said...

Hey Sarah,

What are the Dr.'s saying?? When I first moved to Kansas I suffered from severe migraines. I had the kind that only men can get, figures... I was in the hospital because of pain left and right. I was able to control them a little bit with the right medication. And then I got pregnant with Johnny and the craziness with hormones that your body goes through from having a baby took my migraines away. Are they telling you something is bring them on?? Or is it something more than a migraine?? I hope you start getting some relief. I know how miserable they can be! Take care!

Dawn said...

Sarah- We sure miss you over at SAL!! I'm thinking about you and hoping you get some relief soon!!!