Thursday, May 22, 2008

why i'm mia so much

well, lately my headaches have taken a turn
for the worse. i've had the same headache
for over a week straight now, with absolutely
no relief. even with 3 meds!! nothing touches
the pain & i've had some other symptoms
and side affects that i'm dealing with.

my dr. referred me to a neurologist, so hopefully
i'll finally get some relief and answers soon.

anyway, i don't want to share a lot of details, but
just wanted you to know why i haven't been online.
hope to be back soon.


Karen said...

Living with pain can be done, but only for so long, esp. when we have so much we want to get done. I hope you find relief soon and all is good.

Carla said...

Sarah I hope the new Doc can give you some relief. I worry about your headaches and that they can not get them under control

angela magnuson {mag-na-son} said...

Sarah. I hope you are feeling better soon. Focus on feeling "normal" again - you will find your answers, that is my hope. May the peace that comes with pain free days be yours again soon!

~*Michele*~ said...

I'm sorry you are still having your headaches. I hope the new dr can help you.

Sarah E. said...

I am so sorry that you are not able to get any relief. I am praying for some quick releif and answers from the neurologist. Lots of love sent your way!

Shannon said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!