Saturday, June 07, 2008

the 5 year old

***photos were taken at Bedford's...irl, the quality is SUPERB, but i had to scan these in to share them.***

daniela turned 5 this week!! her birthday
was june 5th, but the party started with
chuck e cheese on wednesday, bbq on
thursday, and her annual photo shoot

she eats up EVERY single minute
of attention, let me tell you. this girl LOVES
the spotlight! the photographer asked if
she wanted to be a model someday &
without hesitation she said yes. i snickered,
and daniela looked at me and said, "WHAT?!
i do!!" like it wasn't a joke so why was i laughing
about it. she cracks me up.

i did realize tonight that
she is so much bigger this year. she's tall
for her age anyway & she looks so grown up.

all week she has reminded me that she's 5 now.
everytime she does something it's
becuz she is 5.
she is out of our bed now,
becuz she is 5.
she can carry heavy grocery bags,
becuz she is 5.
she can get out of the shower by herself,
becuz she is 5.
she can blow dry her own hair,
becuz she is 5.

the list of every day things goes on & on & on.
it's so cute, but a little sad at the same time.
all of a sudden, she has this new found independence.
she no longer wants me to help her with
all the "little" girl things,
becuz she is 5.


Carla said...

I love the photos! She does look so grown up!

Sarah E. said...

Wow, what a big girl! Love the pictures, they are beautiful! :)

~*Michele*~ said...

WOW!! She isn't a baby anymore, where does the time go?? She is beautiful, tell her Happy Birthday for me!!

Susan said...

Great pictures ... it's amazing how kids grow up so fast!

AliciaSharp said...

Wow she has really grown! Love her photos!!!