Sunday, August 03, 2008

oh, scrappy day!

so yesterday i was able to use some of the
NEW BASIC GREY that i was drooling via
web that debuted at CHA. this is all thanx
to my BFF carla at SCRAP-A-LATTE!!! =0)
i told her i felt like wallpapering my scraproom
walls in the papers and closing the door and
never leaving---THAT's how absolutely
happy they make me...JUST by LOOKING
at them!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh.....gorgeous!!!!!

but i thought my family would probably figure
out a way to break me out of my eutopia sooner
or later, so i decided to start scrapping with them
instead. ;) i also had THE perfect stamp set to use
on this LO about my son from THE best stamp
company ever...i know you've heard of them by now....
they are world famous...the one, the only....

this layout has some heartfelt
journaling to my son who is 11 years old now...12 in
november...and i want him to know that it doesn't
matter to me that he's not into sports. he is a gifted
guy in many other areas and i see him doing
many other things in his life that will leave a lasting
impression on this world if he taps into his potential.
and a far greater impact than any sports hero ever
could. what sports hero has ever cured cancer??
so although i love my dallas cowboys and i always
dreamed of seeing him on the field playing in their
jersey....that was a silly dream.....that's not what's
important to me. i want him to always understand
that he is always my star!!!

then, for the next LO, i used some papers from my DT
kit carla sent me and oh i how i love my american crafts
thickers....mmmmmm....i almost use them on every
single layout. in fact, i have to FORCE myself NOT
to use them sometimes...that's how bad my obsession is!!
it's true! but fortunately, carla sent me MORE thickers
in my DT kit so i was MORE than happy to oblige. ;)
so the papers she sent from we are memory keepers
went perfect with my new (to me- it's actually an '04) Yukon pics. hope you
enjoy this crazy little layout. :)


Jen E. said...

as always, LOVE your stuff!

Carla said...

Super cute LO! So glad you love your surprise!

~*Michele*~ said...

Your layouts are AMAZING!! Hope you are feeling better!