Saturday, August 23, 2008

right on schedule....

so i'm trying to stay on schedule...even
on the weekends! *gasp* i know!!
it's SOOOO hard for me to go to bed & get up
at a decent time when i don't have work,
but i MUST do it to avoid an attack.
so although i did go to bed later than usual,
i only slept for 8 hours so that my body
got the same amount of sleep it is used to. ;)

then, before doing ANYTHING else today,
i SCRAPPED!!! woohoo!! that felt good!!! :)
i got off to a slow start, but finally caught a
groove towards the end of the layout.

and of course, my layouts aren't complete
without a little UNITY!! so i stamped the circles
you see on the dotted background paper, the numbers
on the side, and that fabulous polka-dot bracket!
you can buy all of these stamps as part of a BIGGER
set called AMAZING ME. they are AWESOME!
and they are really great for scrapping becuz they
are a GENEROUS size...not for the wimpy at heart! ;)

so, i hope you have a bold and fabulous day wherever
you are in the world. i have lots of scrappy projects
to get done today, but they'll have to wait until
tonite. and you'll have to wait to see them until
the next issue of SCRAPBOOK NEWS AND REVIEW!!
oh, the suspense.....i know......:)


Sarah E. said...

What a fantastic LO! I am so glad you are getting your schedule worked out so you are feeling better. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Sarah E.