Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unmounted Stamp Storage

S Hook Hanging on the Cup Hook
Mounted Stamps on the wall

5x6" piece of acrylic

Unmounted Stamp Storage

Stamp Happiness

edited to add: I bought the 30x36 piece of acrylic at Lowe's for $14.37 and they cut it into 36 5x6 pieces for FREE! :)

So, if you're like me, you LOVE stamping....which
means TONS of stamps....and probably HUNDREDS
of unmounted stamps. I decided I had to throw out all
my packaging and group the stamps together by
category to ease my search for "just the right stamp".
I was SO sick of digging through bags and packages of
stamps to try to find "the" stamp for the job. A $15.00
30x36" Acrylic (cut into 5x6 inch squares) and ONE
Rubbermaid basket or maybe it's Sterlite....and I am one
ORGANIZED stamper!! :) Ahhhhhhhhhh...I'm totally
LOVING it!! It has freed my mind and saved me a TON
of space!! And storing over 400 stamps for under $20??

Also, I would like to get the Rubba Rack....but it is TOO expensive to
be an option for me.
So, I got creative and picked up cup hooks
and S hooks for $6.00. My husband closed the side of the
S hook around the metal loop on the wooden slide so that it
doesn't fall off....and I screwed the cup hooks into my wall!!
Now my stamps are hanging there right at my fingertips and
give my wall some character, too! I looooove it!! So until I can
justify blowing money ont the rubba rack (which i don't think will EVER happen),
this is my solution & i can live with that! ;)


Lindsay Spencer said...

Very cool!!! Okay, so where did you buy a piece of acrylic sheet that big?

I just did my stamps too. It's a knock-off of the rubba rack. AND I think we have the exact same color of paint on our walls!!! Check it out on my blog. A few posts back. I just wrapped some twine around the bar on my shelf. It works great!

Sarah E. said...

I love it!!! I have been struggling with how to store my unmounted stamps and you have give me such great inspirations! Awesome!!!

Tammy said...

Oh Girl!!! You are my hero! Thanks for such a great tip!!!

Alicia Sharp said...

Love your idea! I am going to have to lift that! Thanks!!

Carla said...

You are stinkin' awesome! Now get up here and organize my stamps! :)