Saturday, May 30, 2009

blah, blah, blog.....

what a WEEK! things have been crazy hectic
at work because i am covering 2 other CSR's
areas besides my own. things should settle back
down in 2 more weeks when i'm back to just my
area. whew!!

we took the kids on a little road trip to tulsa last
weekend for memorial day...ended up being a bust.
daniela got sick while we were there, so i stayed in
the hotel with her. she was throwing up, running a
fever, and had HUGE tonsils with sores. ended up
being strep throat, but she is on the mend with meds

daniela also received her kindergarten medal this week.
she was soooo excited! they can't get the medal unless
they meet all of the academic requirements mandated
by standardized testing. can't believe they start all that
crap in kindergarten now. it's ridiculous to put so much
pressure on these kids with all these tests!

anyway, we also found out that jesus tested high enough
to put him in algebra next year during the 8th grade.
so he will be on track to take AP Calculus and AP Statistics
for college credits his senior year. i sure hope this boy gets
his head in the game & does his homework. doing excellent
on the tests isn't enough. he's got to do the required work,
whether he thinks he needs to or not.

jesus also won the "outstanding brass" award for his
school. his band director thinks he has AMAZING
musical giftedness and even though he didn't always
bring his music to class...he had memorized it and played
every note perfectly regardless. she says he's the best
french horn player she's EVER had & he just learned it
THIS year!!!! wow, that kid!!! :)

angelica is doing well, too. she's a little sad that everyone
else is getting awards & she's not. but she is my rock.
she works hard to get her grades. and that hard work
is going to pay off. if things are too easy, you don't know
how to handle it when they are difficult. so i think she'll
have a lot of experience working through issues when
she becomes an adult. that will help strengthen her.

okay, so enough rambling......i'm off to see what the day
holds for me. :)