Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well, since Jesse is out of town...
I had to find SOMETHING to do
with my time tonite....the kids & I
ate *shells & cheese*....then we played
in my scraproom the rest of the nite.

Baby Girl & Little Man made different
*crafts* with some stuff I bought today,
while I created these 4 Christmas Trees!

They were SOOOOO very simple to make
& sOOO much FUN!! I wanna make 100
more of these cute little guys....all in different
colors, textures, etc! They're just *tree* shaped foam I bought @ Hobby Lobby......I covered two of them with patterned paper & then decorated...I spray painted one of them with Krylon metallic paint...and then I added TONS of flowers to the last one.....ANYONE can do this... you GOTTA try it! And if you do, please post pics here so I can see them, too!! :)


Preemie Mom said...

Those trees are awesome!!! Gotta get some cones and try those!!