Friday, August 24, 2007

i will scrap today

i will scrap today
i will scrap today
i'm hoping that by saying this
over & over & over, that i will
actually be able to do it! :)

things have been crazy with
the car troubles, house troubles,
illnesses....yucky week overall.
and for so many of my friends it's
been a crappy week, too! so sorry
for them. :(

daniela finally ate a few bites of food
today! that's the 1st time since Monday!
i think she's probably on the way out
of this virus. as for jesse, he seems
to be doing a bit better today as
well, not so much. i'm having a hard time
not falling over as i type this becuz of
the dizziness & head stuffiness....ugh.

tomorrow i will be at CKC-Tulsa working
in the SEI booth! totally stoked about
making some money!! :) now if i can get out
of there without spending it all....that will
REALLY be an accomplishment!! :)

so, off to make dinner & find some
time to scrap. gotta find a pic that catches
my fancy as well....wish me luck! :)


AliciainAsheville said...

Hope you have fun at CKC today. Maybe everything will come back to normal(whatever that may be) after the weekend! Hope you have a good one!!