Wednesday, August 22, 2007

update on life

okay, so daniela has been sick for the past few days-
running a fever, tummy hurting, feeling dizzy, and
fever blisters all over her lip! i finally got her
into a doctor today, and found out it's a virus. that's
great that she doesn't have to take the yucky meds,
but sucks that it just has to run its course! :(

she is MISERABLE!! she won't eat, her lip is all swollen
with the blisters & gross looking & looks very painful!
poor baby! i wish i could make her feel better!

other than her problems, everything else seems to be
calming down a bit. we got the van fixed....almost
$300!!! YIKES!! But, still cheaper than a new car, so
nothing else to do about it. i'll just be glad when it's
paid for, so at least we're not paying money on top
of a monthly payment just to get it fixed!

i am going to the CKC-Tulsa this Saturday- not for fun,
but to work in a booth. of course, i think that will be
fun & i'll make a little money & score some free stuff!
that sounds REAL good!! :)


AliciainAsheville said...

I went to CKC Charlotte and had a ball! Have fun and hopefully your van will be good as new!! ;)