Sunday, August 26, 2007

had a great day

my knees & legs & feet & lower back
are killing me, but i had a lot of fun
working @ CKC yesterday! the lady
that i was working for liked me SOOOOO
much that she wanted to hire me to
come on the road with her all the time!
i brushed it off & said i would if i didn't
have 3 kids....blah, blah, blah. but, jesse
said i should call her back & at least find
out the details.

i don't know. i just don't want to miss my
kids growing know? of course,
i don't know how often they're on the road....
maybe it's not that bad, not really sure....but
i think they travel to a lot of conventions &
stuff to sell products. hmmmm...i guess
maybe i'll ask what all is involved. i'm not
trying to toot my own horn here, but i'm telling
you she was IMPRESSED! she even told the main
guy overseeing everything that she wants me
next year! so, i don't know...we shall see.....

so, daniela is still sick...poor baby! she doesn't
act sick anymore, but every time she tries to
eat it comes back up! i see another doctor's visit
in her near future...i just hope that can give her
something to make her well.... the doctor said
she wasn't concerned with her not eating...well,
that's fine, but for HOW LONG? it's been almost
a week since she's kept ANY food down. that's
a long time for someone to go without food.


Carla said...

Sarah, first I hope Daniela is better soon!
Second, call them back and see what it is! It is probably on a couple of days a month, but what exposure you would get!!!! BTW, I am very impressed with you too ;)

AliciainAsheville said...

I hate that por baby is still sick! I think she needs another doc visit! I can understand why thy want you all the time! I mean it only like you are the GREATEST!!!! I am with Carla! You need to at least call and check it out!