Wednesday, August 22, 2007

today's a new day!

oh, what a difference a day makes! :)
well, i have a whole new outlook today.
the red witch showed up this morning,
which explains my whiney mood yesterday.
i should have known there was a reason
for my sudden feeling of deep depression....
i have a HORRIBLE time right before & sometimes
during that time. ugh!

but, today, my head is screwed back on right,
and i am EXTREMELY thankful for my friends
who love me! you know, i am TRULY blessed!

how amazing is it to "coincidentally" find true
friendship in a place you least expected it. well,
that's what i found when i stumbled upon
scrap-a-latte. i was a little unsure at first of how
it was going to be there....another message board
i was going to attempt to be "heard" on. my luck
hadn't been good at other previous sites, so i
didn't have much hope that SAL would be any
better. but i was SO wrong! SAL is the BEST
site i've ever been to. everyone, especially the
owner (Carla) was so welcoming. it was like
this gradual bond that turned into friendship.
i can't imagine not having these friends in my
life now! they are such a part of me & i am
immensely lucky to have them!!


AliciainAsheville said...

We are lucky to have you! We would not be the same group with out you! Hoe you are having a better day today!!

Anonymous said...

awww Sarah, you are one of the best parts SAL!! I feel the same way though, amazing how you can feel attachments to people you've never met in person!!