Sunday, March 23, 2008

=) happy easter =)

sarah, teresa, jesse (rubbing the buddha belly) ;)
sarah & jesse
jesus aka little man
angelica aka lica
daniela aka baby girl
teresa aka weezy

well, it's not too cold here....not as bad as they had originally
predicted anyway. but we still decided not to do an egg hunt this year.
but the fam came over & we got some good pics. :)
one of jesse's sisters (teresa) is preggo & her belly has
*popped* out all of a sudden! it's so cute!! ;)
i can not WAIT to get these stamps from
unity to scrap her belly, etc.!! :)
hope you & yours have a blessed easter!!! :)


Sarah E. said...

The pictures are fabulous and y'all look so beautiful! I am so glad you had a nice Easter!

Carla said...

Great Photos Sarah! The kids are all gorgeous!! You are Jesse are kinda cute too :)

~*Michele*~ said...

Great pictures, I can't believe how much the kids have grown. I'm glad you had a great Easter!

AliciaSharp said...

Your kids really are getting grown! Man how time flies! Love the pic of you and Jesse! Hope you all had a good Easter!