Monday, March 02, 2009

monday musings

ahhhhh....i'm enjoying the 3rd day of my
weekend today. :) and this is a short week for
me since i'm off friday. we'll be road trippin'
to san antonio to visit family & watch the spurs
play phoenix on sunday! i'm EcStATic!!!!! :)
jesse's been to SA twice in the last 2 years,
but the rest of the fam hasn't been in several we are really looking forward to
seeing everyone and indulging in our FAVE
foods and spots.

Old Danny's Cocina- a family owned mexican restaurant, not
a chain, just handmade flour tortillas as big as a
steering wheel!! i'm not kidding! they are HUGE
and oh soooooo tasty!!

Taco Cabana- all over texas, but dang they've got
the best carne guisada tacos! mmmmm!

Bill Miller's- originated in SA and has branched out
to corpus christi and austin, but that's it! soooo....
it is MUST EAT bbq every time we're in SA!
Po' Boy Plus! mmmmm!

Tia Betty- okay, not a restaurant, but jesse's aunt
always makes us a homemade mexican meal that's
uber delish!! can't wait!

and of course, we must visit MARKET SQUARE! on to other news. although i love having
a 3 day weekend every week, i have bid on 2 other
jobs at tyson that would put me back on a 5 day work
week. hoping to at least get interviewed for those
this week. i hate losing the 4 day work week, BUT
i can't pass up the opportunity to advance either.
so we'll see what happens.


Carla said...

Have fun In SA! And good luck with the new postions you are trying for!