Tuesday, August 28, 2007

job hunt

well, i found out about the gig
like i did saturday....toooooooo
much travelling for me. i would
be gone 5 days a week for 31 weeks
out of the year!! EEEK!!! definitely
not my cup of tea....I'd like to raise
my kids, you know! and "run errands"
with my husband, too! :)

so, i'm on the prowl....searching for a
job still.

daniela is FINALLY better!! she ate
yesterday, and hasn't "lost" any of
it! so, i think she's over the hump &
on her way to normal again!


AliciainAsheville said...

Can't say as I blame ya for not wanting to travel that much! Hope you find a job soon! Glad the little one is feeling better! Hope she continues to do well!

Carla said...

I am so gald to here Daniela is feel better! ((HUGS))

Summer said...

Good luck with your job hunt!! Looking is not soo much fun! One will come along that is just perfect for you! I know it! Glad to hear Daniela is feeling better!
WOW you were just a heartbeat a way from me! I went last year to CKC in Tulsa! SO much FUN!!! lucky you!! I wish I could have gone this year!